Dental Clinic To Open at Covenant Woods Early Next Year

December 14, 2021 - Press Releases

How can residents that don’t travel often receive proper dental care? This is a question that Covenant Woods resident and retired dentist Dr. Gordon Prior has asked himself daily, not for himself, but on behalf of those that reside in healthcare.

Dr. Prior, who has been practicing dentistry for the past 55 years, mentioned his concerns to Covenant Woods, which led to a solution – the establishment of a dental clinic located on campus for residents. The plans are in motion for a dental clinic to be opening sometime in early 2022. The clinic will be located on the second floor of Manor East, within Covenant Woods’ health care center. The clinic will only serve residents who reside within Manor East, at least for now. “I see no reasoning as to why all residents at Covenant woods won’t be able to use the clinic in the future,” said Dr. Prior.

After settling into the new expansion, the time came for the addition of the dental clinic. But in the spring of 2020, COVID-19 halted those plans. “Once Covid settled down, Carrie and I instantly got back to work,” said Dr. Prior. He also mentioned how helpful Covenant Woods’ Administrator Carrie Davis has been in making this dream a reality. Dr. Prior said, “once the supplies and equipment are delivered, we are full steam ahead.”

Dental health has always been important, no matter what age. But poor dental health in seniors can be life-altering. According to the National Center of Health Statistics, about 20 percent of Americans over 65 have untreated cavities. Dr. Prior mentioned how various diseases come from the mouth and poor dental care. “Research has been done that shows even Alzheimer’s can derive from untreated diseases of the gums and mouth,” said Dr. Prior.

Dr. Julie Palmore, a dentistry practitioner, will also be joining Dr. Prior in the Covenant Woods dental clinic. Dr. Palmore has both years of dental experience and experience working with clinics in senior living communities. “We are so blessed to have Dr. Palmore come join us at the clinic; it’s a tremendous plus with her background and experience,” said Dr. Prior.

Covenant Woods continues to put the needs of residents and families at the center of all we do. This addition of the dental clinic is a testament to Covenant Woods’ commitment to lifetime care and quality of life.