EMS Medical CentER

April 6, 2023 - Press Releases

Meet Haneefah Rhodes, Lead Nurse Practitioner, and Karen White, EMT, the faces of EMS Medical CentER at Covenant Woods. EMS Medical CentER acts as a comprehensive on-site healthcare resource for residents and staff with the goals of providing a continuity of care, access to health care, and satisfying urgent needs.

They are a full-service outpatient care center specializing in emergency medicine, routine and preventative care, and treatment of ongoing health concerns. Haneefah describes EMS as, “Serving as an interim between chronic visits that residents would primarily have with their primary care physicians, whether it’s every six months to a year.” Primary Care practices can be known for having busy schedules and limited availability. EMS is there to help patients with both urgent and non-urgent matters that need to be addressed in a timely manner. This includes being sick, needing a prescription refill or medication adjustment, or having a minor injury.

Currently, EMS is open Monday – Friday from 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM by appointment, but walk-ins are welcome. EMS is also available on the weekends and after-hours via telemedicine. Telemedicine provides residents with problem resolution or planning a next step (i.e. ER visit) to help save time and money.

EMS started as an additional service available in the Covenant Woods Clinic but has grown to provide residents and staff convenient services between Primary Care appointments. Residents and staff also have the option to use EMS Medical CentER as their Primary Care Physician. EMS has been an asset to Covenant Woods as we continually strive to better serve our residents.