Covenant Woods + Advance Care: Now serving even more of the Richmond community

Oct 12, 2021 | Press Releases

Advance care logo

Today we are excited to announce a special expansion at Covenant Woods. This is an expansion not of new buildings — we’ve done plenty of that in recent years — but of our service offerings.

Last year, we acquired Richmond-based home health group Advance Care LLC. Today, we launched a rebranded look and new website for this new Covenant Woods company.

So what does this mean for Covenant Woods residents? For those in independent living apartments or houses who require care and would prefer to have healthcare in their residence, we can now offer skilled nursing, therapy, and related services to you in the comfort of home. In addition, we offer outpatient therapy on-site, without the need to travel.

For individuals and families around the Richmond area, Advance Care brings the same level of healthcare offerings and resources we have at Covenant Woods into homes around the region.

Erik headshot

Erik Mauritsen, CFO & VP Home & Community Based Services

“This expansion is about creating ‘continuing care without walls,’ and placing our compassionate caregivers in more places to offer home health services to residents of Covenant Woods, while engaging more deeply in the surrounding central Virginia community,” says Erik Mauritsen, Covenant Woods CFO and Vice President of Home & Community Based Services. “Advance Care gives us additional skilled nurses, therapists, and staff who can extend our care out into the community and provide the same level of care residents receive at Covenant Woods.”

In addition, Advance Care this year added Hospice to its offerings, in addition to Home Health. We believe Hospice means a focus on quality of life — not the end of it. Our professionals provide comfort, education, emotional support, and bereavement counseling. Hospice providers — which include nurses, chaplains, social workers, volunteers, therapists, and others — is, like Home Health, available throughout the Richmond region and here at the Covenant Woods community.

Kay Murphy-Sohocki RN, BSN, CDP, Executive Director, Advance Care Hospice

Kay Murphy-Sohocki RN, BSN, CDP, Executive Director, Advance Care Hospice

Hospice at Advance Care is led by Kay Murphy-Sohocki, who has had a career as a registered nurse, held nursing leadership and executive roles, and has more than a decade of experience working in Hospice. She is also a certified dementia practitioner. Home Health at Advance Care, meanwhile, is led by Jill McMillin, also a RN and a specialist in the field of home health. She began her career in the trauma unit at VCU Health, and served nine years in the Virginia Army National Guard, Medical Services Corps.

We welcome Kay, Jill, and their respective teams to the Covenant Woods family.

Jill McMillin, RN, BSN, Executive Director, Advance Care Home Health

Jill McMillin, RN, BSN, Executive Director, Advance Care Home Health

As important to note: Covenant Woods and now by extension Advance Care are non-profit organizations, which sets us apart from other continuing care and home health options in the region. “What makes us different is that while we have to make money to stay viable, we invest in services like Advance Care, and our primary focus is providing the best possible care,” Erik says. “We are doing as much as we can for Covenant Woods residents as well as individuals and families in need of care throughout the Richmond region. We look forward to growing with Advance Care and serving more of Central Virginia in the years to come.”