Looking for fun? Join the club.

There is no shortage of resident-run activity groups and social clubs at Covenant Woods. You’ll find dozens of often creatively named groups to join: the Billiards Bunch (pool sharks), the Creeky Crooners (chorus), the Pencil Pushers (adult coloring), and the Knit Wits (knitting) or Sew-N-Sews (sewing). Or start your own club (and give it a fun name).

And if you enjoy a good party, you’ll have plenty to choose from – residents throw them all the time.

Interest Groups and Resident Run Activities

  • Billiards
  • Bingo
  • Book Discussion Group
  • Canasta
  • Clothing Repair Workshop
  • The Cloud Crowd
  • Computer Cadre’
  • Cornhole
  • Creaky Crooners (Men’s Glee Club)
  • Duplicate Bridge
  • Golf Interest Group
  • Great Decisions
  • Half Soles (walking group)
  • Hand & Foot
  • History Study Group
  • Holey Soles (walking group)
  • Hoop Golf
  • Knit Wits (knitting)
  • Learn to Play Games
  • Living and Laughing out Loud
  • Mahjong
  • Men’s Second Half Group (Christian Men’s’ Fellowship)
  • Movie Nights
  • Music and The Story
  • Open Studio (painting group)
  • Party Bridge
  • Pencil Pushers (Adult Coloring)
  • Pickelball
  • Pottery Interest Group
  • Sew & Sews (Quilting Group)
  • Temari
  • Watercolor Painting

“If you can’t find some way to keep yourself busy here, you’ve got a problem.”
Robert S., resident